Download Audio Mp3 | Noorah – Lugha Gongana

Audio | Noorah – Lugha Gongana | Download Mp3

Noorah, also known as Baba Stylz, is a Tanzanian singer who is known for his hit song Lugha Gongana, which means "language barrier" in Swahili. The song was released in 2011 and features a fusion of hip hop, dancehall, and bongo flava genres. The song is about the challenges of communicating with people from different cultures and backgrounds, and the need to respect and appreciate diversity. 

The song has a catchy chorus and a lively beat that makes it appealing to a wide audience. The song was produced by Barefoot and the video was directed by Adam Juma ¹²³. Noorah has been in the music industry since 2006 and has collaborated with other artists such as Professor Jay, Lady Jaydee, and Mwana FA. He is regarded as one of the pioneers of bongo flava, a Tanzanian style of music that blends hip hop, reggae, R&B, and traditional elements .

Download Audio Mp3 | Noorah – Lugha Gongana



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