What are Watts, Amps, and Volts? The reason why your phone won't charge

What are Watts, Amps, and Volts? The reason why your phone won't charge


What are Watts, Amps, and Volts? The reason why your phone won't charge

What are Watts, Amps, and Volts? The reason why your phone won't charge

Many of us focus on amps, volts, and watts to determine whether the charger is a fast charger and if it is appropriate for our phones, whether it is the charger that came with the phone, you bought it after you lost it, or the first one died. Every time we see a high capacity charger being marketed for a bargain, we become concerned. This worry is always valid; it is preferable to take safeguards than to let your house catch fire.

If you look at the charger, you will notice that it has a lot of words and figures printed on it. Unfortunately, folks who did not study electrical engineering do not comprehend what those words and numbers imply. In this section, I'll try to use straightforward language so you can grasp how the numbers relate to your phone's charging capability.

Safe Phone Charger Use

Mobile phone and other device manufacturers are working hard to produce high-quality products. Manufacturers of mobile phones desire their products to have a huge capacity for charging and maintaining a charge over an extended period of time. Another set of producers tends to create inexpensive chargers using inferior materials, necessitating the purchase of a replacement in the event that one ever fails.

Because they are inexpensive and function as desired, my customers have been purchasing these chargers; but, after a few months, one must purchase a new charger.


because these chargers lose their ability to provide a high-quality charge for the phone. This is typically the issue with these inexpensive chargers.

  1. They might provide your phone less or more electricity than it needs. Something that makes the phone's battery overheat and explode or charges the phone very slowly.
  2. They might be harmful to both you and your home's possessions. These charges pose a risk of damaging your device or igniting an electrical fire in your house.
3.They have the potential to burn slowly and create smoke mixed with substances that are harmful to the respiratory system of humans.

Let me summarize by saying that just because a charge has received approval from the appropriate organizations, such CE, UL, or ETL, does not necessarily indicate that it is secure to use with your phone. It is clear that something shouldn't be used if the price seems too low to be a quality charge. It is probably going to be made with shoddy methods and less reliable materials.

The makers of these charges offer high-quality charges for testing in the labs of the appropriate authorities. After passing these tests, manufacturers switch back to employing low-quality machinery to reduce maintenance costs and increase profit.

What you should know

Whether you utilize a single charging port or several charging ports is irrelevant. There are a few inquiries you need to make of yourself regarding the fee.

  1. Whether you utilize a single charging port or several charging ports is irrelevant. There are a few inquiries you need to make of yourself regarding the fee.
  2. Will the phone be charged correctly, without going over or under capacity, 
  3. using this charger?

The Relationship Between Amps, Volts, and Watts and Charge Capacity

Watts are typically used to measure the electrical and charging capacity of mobile devices. However, amps and volts are the crucial factors to think about when charging a mobile device.

The amount of electricity that flows through a spot in a second is measured in amps. Volts are comparable to the rate at which electricity moves across a given area in a second.

I'll use the scenario of a 20-liter bucket being filled by a faucet. One liter of the bucket will fill in one minute if we only open the faucet halfway.

If we narrow the water pipe's mouth at the same level where we opened it, the water pressure will increase (volts), but it will still take a minute to fill one cup.

Additionally, the water pressure will decrease if the pipe's width is increased, but it will still take a minute to fill a liter of water.

As a result, altering the pipe's width will change the water's pressure/speed (volts), but it won't change the water's volume/volume (amps).

Volts represent water pressure and amps represent volume. Therefore, we require a huge volume or numerous amps in order for our water bucket to fill up quickly. Assuming that the only thing you understand about this situation is volume, you choose to fill the bucket with water without utilizing a conduit. You go to take a tank with a very huge mouth that holds 10,000 liters.

The rule of Amps x Volts = Watts

Don't be shocked to find watts—a unit of measurement for the amount of electricity used by electrical appliances, as I mentioned at the outset—in the commercials for electrical appliances.

There is frequently a discrepancy between the number of amps and volts listed as a charger's or phone's capacity. It is typical to notice variations in these figures. The number of watts is what we want to see constant at all times.

Knowing the capacity needed by the phone to charge quickly and properly is determined by the combination of amps and votls. In plain English, watts are created by adding amps to volts.

Watts = Amps x Volts

You may therefore determine that your equipment produces 10V (volts) and 2A (amps), which add up to 20W (watts). Another charger that has 6.67V, 3A, and 20W will work just fine.

This charger has 10W while the other one has 5V and 2A. In this regard, a 10W charge will proceed more slowly than a 20W charge. A 10W charge will take 120 minutes to fully charge a phone from 0% to 100%, compared to a 20W charge that takes 60 minutes.

You already know why your phone may be charging quickly or slowly. To find out how much it reads, grab your charger and check the output portion. The output's numerical values

Charges for PCs and other things must also be calculated using the same formulas. The amps are still another crucial factor. Keep in mind that the volume that should enter the phone is in amps. If you use a charger with 1.5A or less than 2A, or if your phone requires a charger with 2A or more, you should be aware that the charger will not be able to charge your phone.

Therefore, it's crucial to think about and understand how much electricity your phone needs in order to charge. Do you require a better phone charger? Discover TechOvers, and they'll give you the proper, dependable charger for your phone.


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MIDIAYAO ENTERTAINMENT : What are Watts, Amps, and Volts? The reason why your phone won't charge
What are Watts, Amps, and Volts? The reason why your phone won't charge
What are Watts, Amps, and Volts? The reason why your phone won't charge
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